no more sunday


Media Psychology ....(n). read to death. 

Are you (n). or (n). ? 

Still tho its (n). and that's power

it's not whats on the outside its the inside that matters.


(n). is subjective

(n). is objective 

(n). has no political sides 

(n). can't be racist if its art. 

Pop Cultural References

Fat Albert

Little Bill *before the pill*


Black Jesus

As Told By Ginger

The Proud Family

Black Dynamite 

Afro Samurai

Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law

Class of 3000

Static Shock

Jackie Chan Adventures

Katt Williams : The Pimp Chronicles Pt.1

The PJs 

King  of Hill


Celebrity Deathmatch

Cousin Skeeter

Rugrats (every movie too)

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