Elevation on this one….still searching for the drive ….still searching ….Climbed high to see what was low …things are exposed. “The Rockies” Man 

went to exhibit observed somethings ….was it a map …where all roads meet.

Nothing crazy on these very late tho  it was a detour from a grandeur scheme. 

Enjoyed seeing scholars Enjoyed seeing a working dream….The experiences priceless 

Never prepared because nothing is planned disposable tho may get lucky on mamiya  . 

Which must change but still prepared in a sense trying too understand grayscale 

This started in 2019-20 “seriously”  remember…..sooo in 5 years what happened ?? what could’ve happened …maybe that’s why its questioned.

A lot of black & white lately had a discussion with dude at exhibit he ask and it was explained …it helped because the black white means choice with the things (n). go thru and what (n). Faces .

That’s the reasoning 

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