It’s been ah while ….it continues lol (n). didn’t apply too fellowship too exert ego.Did it too learn barriers and what makes things deliverable. You break in and examine ppls style but dont realize its about deliverables…Is it print is it screen …is it handed ….. is it placed …and acceptance  …you learn and you repeat ….all you need is one good year…it’s not the end all…. its humility and what you do after….So it won’t hurt if you know deep down you need more but you have the understanding….just needed one more layer at the face level but its like lines in motion Kinetic Energy…from far.The shadows and geo shapes too  were cool  in observation.  No matter the display..seen setups of course there’s more to it but why stress on that …focus on yours it’s only been 5 years here….(n). advice your suffering just let life be….its funny tho one dude sat in front (n). with a camera and badge prior and got up and ran …all respect to him and his lane or thread but if he infront (n). ……what that mean ??  *nun crazy just transferring trains*

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