under the hood

its not looking too good for (n). may be stranded for some more time. need new cpu (light meter)… mamiya works…Still discovering film and  different feel mixing with formula…but i think its because (n). doesn’t have his light meter…phone camera won’t give me accurate because that’s messed up (n). know how gets me here even with these film shots on kodak…but think (n). found a new project idea on this walk. met the homie “raw” he said his wife don’t love him no more…ain’t no one drinking coffee or liquor…grew up on land also genetics its like (n). feel like they judging (n). health ….no fast food …. n it was shea butter ….and (n). wasn’t living here…n  never did drugs…  move on…what she told him. try too sell (n). ah phone. Its crazy what your hands do the idea (n). running with so far.


negative 1

negative 2

negative 3

negative 4

Testing the mamiya ….seeing the output of different films and what could align with (n). formula for display & print.

Two different things ….its like alchemy (full metal alchemist saved (n). life that and lil wayne). Display(negatives) meaning online or outside traction aka the masses. Print being fine art the inside(home or space).. the introspective…the u(n)iverse. 

while doing so bumped into mechanic at shop interested in photography….explaining his choice in life that he made while also displaying his knowledge a choice we all have too make.  (n).loaded &  set up camera…..composed it…he took the first shot …we talked more his knowledge expanded (n). with composition. (n). understands lines light & dark. He took the last shot. (n). hopes too print & frame and show him his choice that day.

it was cold very cold.

Car on right import from Japan right handed steering…..


(n). took  some time off the gas… in order to take take off again….the ground work was needed…it needed to be re-wired again. (n). Dropped  some film off in chinatown  to get developed and shot around with another (n). (Basketball) conversed about life and journey in craft.Expressing  thoughts on the landscape of  each (n). medium’s.  Couldn’t get shot off because in the back of (n). mind  thinking what’s the outcome it should just be …just like (n). shot.  maybe its the battle (n). faces. “Can you make all the  (n). ? …. sadly no but you can draw influences from all other  (n). into yours”

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